To give care to another makes us stronger. To receive care gracefully is a pleasure and an art. A healthy human community promotes both of these virtues in its daily life, seeking always to balance one with the other". (Dr. Thomas)

Here at Hacienda our nursing team is committed to providing the highest level of professional medical care and treatment. In keeping with our philosophy and vision we approach healthcare from a holistic point of view. All aspects of our Elders lives are considered when making health care choices.

Our Nursing Services include but are not limited to:

  • Emotional support for our Elders and families
  • Education for our Elders and families
  • 24 Hour RN coverage
  • Enteral/Tube feeding
  • Wound Care supervised by a Certified Wound Care Nurse
  • Pressure relief mattresses on all beds
  • Restorative Nursing Services
  • Pharmacy Consultants to review all Medications
  • Individualized Nursing Care Plans
  • End of Life Care
  • Pain Management Program