Hacienda Rehabilitation and Health Care Center is a 133 bed Skilled Nursing Facility. We have been serving our community since 1965. Here at Hacienda we provide a unique holistic approach to health care for our Elders.

We have embraced the Eden Alternative Philosophy, which has committed us to fighting the plagues affecting long term care; Lonliness, Helplessness, and Boredom. The Eden Alternative is an ongoing process, promoting human growth and developing relationships. This is done by incorporating children, plants, and animals into daily life, thereby creating a human habitat. Our habitat provides opportunities for our Elders to give care, experience spontaneity, and enjoy companionship all of which make life worth living.

Hacienda Rehabilitation and Health Care Center will build a human habitat where residents and the community will desire to come and give as well as receive care.

y releasing the power that lies within the hearts of our Residents and team members, we will create an evolving human habitat. We will incorporate plants, animals, and children into our daily lives to make our dwelling a home. We will build a highway through our home providing our Elders access to continuous companionship and spontaneity on a daily basis and a life worth living.