Cocoa - is a Dauschand mix puppy, who is presently "learning the ropes" at Hacienda. She spends most days here, and has become quite a favorite of our Elders and visitors. She loves to play with Bailey, and can often be seen chasing the bigger dog around our home. We hope Cocoa will become a permanet 4-legged resident of Hacienda.
  Bailey - is a spayed yellow lab. She has resided at Hacienda since May 2000. She can usually be found in the lobby area, and often greets visitors with a friendly "Bark!" She seems to have more to say to people wearing hats, so be prepared for a loud greeting if you are sporting a head cover.
Allie - is a toy poodle. She and Cocoa come to the facility daily. She has a spunky personality. The three dogs together create the spontaneity our elders enjoy.

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