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Buddy - is a large neutered gray tabby cat. Buddy received his name because of an odd resemblence to Buddy Hackett. He enjoys long naps on the bed or cat tower in the hallway.
Mortimer - is a neutered black and white cat. He is very adventurous, and has been known to ride around the facility on the bottom rack of a laundry cart. He loves to get into closets and has frightened more then a few people reaching in to get fresh linen.
Riddler - is a neutered orange tabby cat, with a very short tail. He will hop onto a bed or lap with a little coaxing. Riddler doesn't seem to mind that many of the Elders all him "Bob" because of his short tail.
Booger - is a black and white cat. He looks a lot like Mortimer, but he can be distinguished by the big black spot on his nose.

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