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Maggie - is a spayed calico cat. She can usually be found on Peach Tree Lane, and often on the bed of Ms. Antone. Maggie was the first cat to move to Hacienda, and has been with us since July 2000.
Hannah - is a spayed calico cat, with much more white in her coat than Maggie. She enjoys pulling pins out of bulletin boards, and peeling stickers off walls and books. Hannah is a true jokester, and seems to pride herself in playfulness.
Arff - is a neutered gray and white longhaired cat. He has beautiful blue eyes, which you will be able to see if you are lucky enough ot find him during his short periods of wakefulness! Arff is a true master of the "cat nap" , and will partake in one just about anywhere. He also enjoys watching the aviary in the lobby. Arff makes short ventures into the parking lot area. He waits patiently to be let back in after his outings.